Terms and conditions


a) By registering an Order on the Website, the Client agrees to the form of communication through which e-trad performs its commercial operations.

b) The notification received by the Client, after making the Order, has the role to inform and does not represent the acceptance of the Order. This notification is done by telephone and subsequently by e-mail.

c) For justified reasons, e-trad reserves the right to modify the quantity of the Services in the Order. If the quantity of Services in the Order is amended, it will notify the Client on the e-mail address or at the phone number made available to e-trad upon performing the Order and will return the paid amount.

d) The agreement is considered concluded between e-trad and the Client at the moment when the Client receives from e-trad the notification regarding the completed order through electronic mail and text messages.


a) The access for making an Order is allowed to any Client.
For justified reasons, e-trad reserves the right to restrict access of the Client for the purpose of making an Order and/or to some of the accepted methods of payment if it considers, based on the behaviour or the activity of the Client on the Website, that its actions might prejudice in any way the e-trad website.

b) The communication with e-trad might be performed by interacting directly with such or through the address mentioned in the section “Contact”. The Seller has the freedom to manage the information received without being required to offer justification for such.


e-trad may subcontract a third party (collaborators, freelancers) for Services regarding the completion of the Order, at the same time informing the Client, not being necessary to obtain the agreement of such. e-trad will always be responsible before the Client for all the contractual obligations.


The Content, as it is defined above, including but, without being limited to logos, stylised representations, commercial symbols, static images, dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content presented on the e-trad website, are the exclusive property of e-trad, e-trad having reserved all rights obtained in this sense directly or indirectly.


a) The Client may make Orders on the Website, by clicking the button ”Buy”. The Service desired will be added to the shopping cart, and this will be followed by the completion of the Order. After submitting the order to e-trad, the Client will be contacted by telephone by e-trad and will receive through e-mail the Proforma invoice which includes the final price for the requested service.

b) By completing the Order, the Client agrees that all the data provided by such, necessary for the purchasing process are correct, complete and true on the date of making the Order.

c) By completing the Order, the Client agrees that e-trad may contact him, by any means agreed upon by e-trad, in any situation necessary.

d) e-trad may cancel the Order made by the Client, following a prior notification addressed to the Client, without any subsequent obligation of either party before the other party or without either party being able to claim from the other party damages in the following cases:

- the bank issuing the card of the Client does not accept the transaction, in the case of the online payment;
- the invalidation of the transaction by the card processor agreed upon by e-trad, in the case of the online payment;
- the data supplied by the Client on the Website are incomplete and/or incorrect;

- the client does not pay the value of the service.

e) the completion of the Order shall be ensured after the entire payment of the service ordered by the Client.


The translations will be performed by sworn translators authorised by the Ministry of Justice, by native translators or by translators specialized in certain fields. Upon the Client's request, the documents translated by sworn translators authorised by the Ministry of Justice will bear the signature(s) and the stamp of the translator(s) who has/have made the translation. If the Client requests it expressly, e-trad will also handle the legalization of the signature of the translator(s) at the notary public offices and will also ensure the apostillation.


a) e-trad will keep the confidentiality of the information of any type which the Client provides. The disclosure of the information supplied can be performed only under the conditions mentioned within the Terms and Conditions.

b) Throughout the entire duration of the project and two years afterwards, e-trad undertakes to not disclose to any third parties any information regarding the Client and the Client's operations, or regarding the content of the documents, papers, data, drawings, sketches, designs, projects, generically called "confidential information" which it received from the Client or which it had access to through the nature of the services performed as well as any other information linked to the Client's operations which it has become acquainted with, in any manner, during the performance of the agreement. All the information which it receives from the Client will be treated by e-trad as being confidential, regardless if the Client has specified or not if the information is confidential, under the conditions established in this agreement.

c) The obligation to keep the confidentiality is not considered to be infringed upon by e-trad if e-trad can prove:

- that the information was accessible in a legal manner to the e-trad website, prior to the moment when the Client communicated the information to such

- that the information was accessible to the general public before being communicated to the e-trad website

- that the information was accessible to the general public after it was communicated to the e-trad website, but without e-trad being at fault for the fact that the information has become available to the general public/third parties

- the information corresponds essentially to other information or documents disclosed at any time, in a legal manner to the e-trad website by an authorised third party, and the obligation of confidentiality has not been imposed upon the e-trad website at the moment of its transmission;

d) This website adopts all the security measures necessary for protecting the personal information of our users. At the moment of filling in the personal data on our website, the information will be protected both offline and online. 


The Client may issue complaints regarding the non-compliance of the translations within 15 working days from receiving the documents translated by e-trad. Following this period of time, any complaint will not be taken into account, e-trad being exempted from any responsibility. If the Client notices translation errors, e-trad is required to remedy such errors free of charge within 2 working days.


The term for completion of the translation will be established jointly by the parties for every individual project, taking into account the complex nature of such. This time frame may vary function of the number of pages, the degree of difficulty of the text, the language into which the translation is to be made (from Romanian into a foreign language, from a foreign language into Romanian), the source and the target language and the existence of the images to process and it will be established jointly in writing only after e-trad confirms that it has received the documents to be translated. The work rhythm is established function of the available resources and will be communicated to the client by the Project Manager. Translations from and into all languages established can be performed simultaneously. Saturday and Sunday are considered non-working days. The work schedule of e-trad is between 08:30 a.m. and 05:00 p.m.


At the moment when the Client creates an Account on the Website, it can express its agreement regarding the reception of Newsletters.

The client may change its option regarding the agreement issued to e-trad at any moment by contracting e-trad.


a) The prices of the Services displayed on the e-trad website do not include VAT, according to the applicable legislation for the companies that do not pay VAT.

b) The price, the method of payment and the deadline of payment are specified on each Order.

c) By submitting the Order, the Buyer expresses its agreement to receive the invoice in an electronic format at the e-mail address mentioned in its Account.

d) One page = 1800 characters, Times New Roman,12.



a) e-trad cannot be held responsible for damages of any type which the Client or any third party may incur as a result of the fulfilment by e-trad of any of its obligations according to the Order and for damages which result from the use of the Services after delivery.

b) Through the creation and the use of the Account, the Client undertakes responsibility for keeping the confidentiality of the Account data (username and password) and for the management of the accessing of the Account and to the extent permitted by the applicable law, it is responsible for the activity performed through its Account.

c) By creating the Account and/or the use of the Content and/or the placing of the Orders, the Client accepts expressly and clearly the Terms and conditions of the e-trad website in the latest updated version which is communicated on the Website, existing on the date of creating the Account and/or on the date of placing the Order.


Any question that the Client has may be addressed directly to the e-trad website through the chat box in the lower part of the page, where a dedicated Project Manager will take over the request via e-mail or by telephone (data available in the section Contact).


a) The purpose of collecting the data is as follows:

– informing the Clients regarding the status of their Account including the validation, the dispatch and the invoicing of the Orders, the settlement of the cancellations or of the problems of any nature regarding an Order, the Services purchased,

– submitting Newsletters and/or periodical alerts, through the use of the electronic mail (e-mail, text messages)

- e-trad may supply personal data belonging to the Client to other companies which it is a partner of, but only based on a confidentiality agreement on the part of such and only for the purpose of performing the service to the Client, through which it guarantees that such data are kept safe and that the supply of such personal information is made according to the applicable laws, as follows: to the providers of courier services, to the providers of marketing services, to the providers of payment/banking services and to the external collaborators (freelancers)

- The personal information of the Buyer may also be made available by the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Police, the courts of law and other relevant bodies of the state, based on and according to limitations of the legal provisions and following requests expressly addressed;


Neither of the parties will be responsible for the failure to perform its contractual obligations, if such a failure to perform its obligations in due time and/or appropriately, totally or partially, is owed to a force majeure event.


This agreement is subject to the Romanian law. The potential litigations occurring between e-trad and the Client will be settled in an amicable manner or, if this is not possible, the litigations will be settled by the relevant Romanian courts of law in Timișoara.

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