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 translation of agreement.



 translation of contract.



 translation of minutes.



 translation of power of attorney.



 translation of legal statement.



 translation of tender documents.



 translation of memorandum of association.



 translation of confirmation of company details.



 translation of treaty.  



 translation of international warrant.



 translation of judgments.



 translation of police reports.



 translation of insolvency proceedings.



 translation of diplomas.



 translation of certificates.



 translation of birth/marriage certificate.



 translation of notarial instruments and documents issued by Notaries Public.



 translation of apostilles and superlegalizations issued by the Chamber of Notaries, Ministry of Justice, Prefecture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



 translation of judicial report.



 translation of court order.



 translation of patent and trademark.



 translation of repatriation statement.



 translation of judicial report.



 translation of letter of credit.



 translation of non-disclosure agreement.



 translation of deposition.



 translation of service agreement.



 translation of leasing agreement.



 translation of sale-purchase agreement.



 translation of free lease agreement.



 translation of consent.



 arbitration procedure.



 quality management ISO certificate etc.










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