How to order?



We are here to help. Follow the below steps to send an order:

1. Select one of the options: PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL or LEGAL ENTITY.


2. Select the SOURCE LANGUAGE (the language from which you want to have the translation done), the TARGET LANGUAGE (the language into which you want to have the translation of the document done), the DESIRED SERVICE: Translation, Legalisation, or Interpreting.


NOTE: If you need legalisation and/or apostille for the translated document, you can check these options in the order details.


3. DEADLINE- Select the term for the completion of the translation (depending on the available resources and on the difficulty of the document, a Project Manager shall confirm the term you selected or shall propose another term for the completion of your project).


4. UPLOAD DOCUMENT – Upload the document you want to have translated/legalised/apostilled – click ADD!




6. 3 price quotes are displayed below: BASIC, STANDARD or PREMIUM.


7. Select the desired offer by pressing the button BUY.


8. After entering your personal data and selecting the payment modality, click the button SUBMIT ORDER.


Within a maximum of 4 minutes you will be contacted on the phone by a Project Manager, for the confirmation of the order, and you will receive an e-mail with a pro forma invoice. After the price confirmation, based on the fiscal invoice, you will pay the equivalent value of the desired service.


! The order shall be processed after payment of the desired service!


We hope this information was useful!









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